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User Interface Design
Full Stack Web Development
Mobile Development

ChapterBuilder solves the problems that organizations have with growth and facilitates 24/7, values-based recruitment and relationship-building. It's the biggest project that I've worked on and has given me a great deal of design, full-stack, and mobile development experience.


Roles & Accomplishments

  • I was the primary, sole designer for this product, generating 250+ screens that went through multiple iterations via feedback and usability testing
  • Frontend development is my specialty, and I contributed 1,500+ Github commits to the web version of ChapterBuilder
  • Covering the full stack was a new and exciting experience for me during this project, as I contributed 300+ Github commits to the API of ChapterBuilder
  • This project introduced me to mobile development, as I contributed 140 commits to our React Native app
  • The launch of ChapterBuilder attracted 6,000 users to the platform

Tech Stack

The goal of the architecture was to provide a framework for developing a flexible, scalable product that can support a massive feature set and expansion into new markets.


Language: Typescript

Framework: React, with functional components and hooks

Middleware: Redux Saga, React Query

Components & Theming: Material-UI, React Final Form, React Quill

Styles: CSS-in-JS

Others: Reselect, Normalizr, Bugsnag


Language: Python

Framework: Flask, SQL Alchemy

Search: Algolia

Background Tasks: RabbitMQ, Celery

Payment + subscription feature control: Stripe

Text messaging: Twilio

Email: Send In Blue

Database: PostgreSQL


Language: Javascript

Framework: React Native

Middleware: Redux Saga


The ChapterBuilder platform boasts an impressive feature set, several of which I had the opportunity to lead and launch. Here are a few that I enjoyed building!


The event management feature leverages SMS and email invitations as well as a guest management tools.

This was a great experience where I got to take ownership of the entire stack, including:

  • Designing UI prototypes and conducting usability testing
  • Writing technical specs
  • Designing database tables and relationships
  • Implementing new API endpoints
  • Building out frontend functionality
Invitation flow and guest management features


I drew inspiration from Facebook Messenger for this feature, and it was a lot of fun to develop!

Twilio's SMS API sends text messages and receives them via webhooks, and a Redux saga with a listener is set to fetch new messages every 5 seconds.

Send and receiving SMS messages